In this area you will find a competence mapping in Greece, together with tools for subscribing yourself as an HPC provider, an HPC expert, an ISV provider, a training provider or any kind of service provider that you consider relevant to HPC, HPDA, AI, Machine Learning. 

HPC professionals hub

For instance you can register yourself or your business, on the HPC professionals hub, and be seen by potential users, here (to be published soon). On the other hand, If you are a potential HPC user you may find relevant professionals here (to be published soon)

HPC/HPDA/AI training database @ Greece

If you are interested in finding a training course, master, seminar in the relevant fields in Greece, you may search our database here.

Needs & skills survey  

In order to make us more efficient in mapping the HPC needs and skills in Greece, and thus create a better service portfolio, please take 15 minutes to fill this ”needs and skills” online questionnaire . You can find here the analysis of the results so far.

Training needs survey

In order to help us improve training in Greece, please take 10 minutes to fill in the “Industry training needs online questionnaire”