Want to get 100x more CPU/GPU power?

Learn how to get up to two years of access to European high-performance computers to develop, test, or run your code for free!

Capable for

  • data analysis and machine learning
  • compute-intensive simulations in engineering, life science or any other domain

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EuroHPC JU Extreme Access

For getting a large amount of compute time (12 to 24 month access)

  • CPU Hours: ≈ 80 million
  • GPU hours: ≈ 55 million

EuroHPC JU Regular Access

For getting a large amount of compute time (12 month access)

  • CPU Hours: ≈ 20 million
  • GPU hours: ≈ 2 million

EuroHPC JU Development Access

For developing your solution or software (6-12 month access)

  • CPU Hours: 2 560 000
  • GPU hours: 384 000

EuroHPC JU Benchmark Access

For benchmarking and small tests (3-month access)

  • CPU Hours: 896 000
  • GPU hours: 128 000

How do you go about applying?

In this video we explain how a company, public authority or researcher can apply for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers.

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