In this section you can find valid video lectures on HPC, coming from entities related to the EuroCC Competence Centers


  • Introduction – what is HPC
  • Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC),  Intel FPGA 
  • Tutorial: High-Performance Hardware for Machine Learning, Microsoft Research 
  • What is High Performance Computing – HPC?, Microsoft Azure 
  • What is HPC? An introduction to High-Performance Computing, Canonical Ubuntu 
  • Intro to High Performance Computing, Research IT at UC Berkeley 


  • GTC 2023 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang
  • NVIDIA Picasso, a Cloud-Based Generative AI Service for Creating Images, Videos, and 3D Applications
  • Success Story #2: AI/ML Computer Vision for the Next Generation Poultry Farms
  • Creative AI – How does generative AI work and what can be expected in the future (Webinar)
  • Kimmo Kartasalo: LUMI provides new opportunities for artificial intelligence research


  • BIOEXCEL webinar: Density guided simulations Combining cryo-EM data and molecular dynamics simulation
  • BIOEXCEL webinar : A walk through simulation parameter options (.mdp files) for GROMACS
  • BioExcel Webinar #64: BioExcel HPC Workflows: predictive power and its applications in pharmacology
  • High Performance Computing in Structural Biology
  • How Supercomputers are helping in the fight against COVID


  • AWS Online Tech Talks
  • CHIUW 2021 Keynote—HPC Lessons from 30 Years of Practice in CFD Towards Aircraft Design and Analysis
  • Innovative Use of HPC in the Cloud for AI, CFD & LifeScience
  • CFD and Wind Tunnels: Partners in Testing
  • An Overview of High Performance Computing and Computational Fluid Dynamics at NASA. – Eric Nielsen.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Demo – Traditional vs Converged HPC
  • Large-Scale CFD Simulations on AWS | AWS Events
  • Crash Course in CFD (ANSYS) – WS4: Fluent on HPC

Computational Chemistry

  • HPC Advisory Counci
    – Lecture at Stanford University
  • Quantum chemistry with GPU acceleration
  • AI-Driven Multiscale Simulations Illuminate Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Dynamics
  • Accelerating Chemistry with AI
  • NWChemEx – Moving Computational Chemistry to the Exascale


  • HPC in the Energy Sector: the EoCoE general presentation
  • The Need for HPC to Support the Energy Transition


  • Watch the youtube playlist from the NOMAD center of Excellence here
  • HPC Online Lectures on Quantum Computational Materials Science: Day 1 – Part 1


  • CHEESE Advanced Training on HPC for Computational Seismology Day 1-Introducing the codes
  • CHEESE Advanced Training on HPC for Computational Seismology Day 2-SeisSol session
  • CHEESE Advanced Training on HPC for Computational Seismology Day 2-SPECFEM3D session
  • CHEESE Advanced Training on HPC for Computational Seismology Day 3-Salvus session & Wrap up
  • Introduction to Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing Steps

  • Machine Learning in Geoscience
  • Seismology 101
  • BGS seismology | A brief introduction


  • Introduction to Intel® FPGAs for Software Developers
  • Evaluating FPGA Performance with HPCChallenge Benchmarks (Marius Meyer at H2RC’2020)

  • An FPGA platform for Reconfigurable Heterogeneous HPC and Cloud Computing
  • Successful FPGA Programming Methods and Tools for HPC, ETH Zurich