EuroCC is introducing HPC4SME, an Automated Assessment Tool, developed by NCC SLING and NCC SLING partner Arctur.

Through HPC4SME, SMEs can assess their potential and their readiness to adopt new technologies such as HPC and Cloud Computing into their production processes. The tool, which offers an intuitive user experience, takes the form of a questionnaire divided into several different sections. The targeted questions are tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises and are used by the tool to create a personalized report, which gives an organization valuable insight into whether and how it can benefit from supercomputing technologies and services.

Launched for SMEs in Europe, HPC4SME is featured in several European languages for more convenience. In order to harness the know-how of EuroCC National Competence Centers, the tool offers the option to specify the NCC of preference, so that the questionnaire participant can have access to further support. An organization can use the tool autonomously, in order to self-assess, or it can request the assistance of a EuroCC NCC and get the chance to fill out the questionnaire with their support.

The resulting report helps an SME understand and quantify the current state of their organization and highlight their imminent needs. At the same time, the report can also highlight their eventual shortcomings, and in this way, help the SME move towards greater technological maturity in those aspects.

Feel free to contact us, both for more information and help with the questionnaire, as well as for assistance in taking full advantage of the resulting report.


HPC4SME has a friendly and intuitive workflow. After creating a user account and logging in, the participant can select one out of several languages in which the interface as well as the questionnaire can be presented in. Greek is one of the languages included in this list. Completion of the questionnaire can be as quick as 15 to 20 minutes.

The questionnaire starts off with a series of general questions regarding the participating enterprise and its activity. Then, questions are grouped into conceptual units, each targeting a different aspect of the enterprise’s readiness and needs.

Although questions are thorough and targeted, the tool emphasizes ease of use for the participant. Therefore, the main effort has gone into creating detailed formulations that cover several technological aspects in detail, and refer both to the present state of an enterprise as well as to a projection of the future.

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