EuroCC@Greece’s goal is to set up the mechanisms and interactions necessary to support technology transfer in Greece in terms of HPC know-how, applications, tools and mechanisms. We aim to assist SMEs and large businesses in delivering competitive services and/or products using advanced HPC, build awareness about HPC and AI/HPDA competences and identify strategies for technology transfer from academia.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Access to HPC infrastructure: Contact us for discussing your HPC needs and find out which would be the best solution for accessing HPC resources.
  • Access to funding: For instance, EuroCC@Greece has facilitated access to funding for 4 “Greek” experiments in the framework of the FF4EuroHPC project, namely the GEMINI experiment in the area of CFD, the HPC FOR CANCER DRUG ACCURACY experiment in the area of personalized medicine, the CCUPAR  experiment in the area of CO2 capture and utilization, and the  PEDIDOSE experiment in the areas of medical physics and bioinformatics.
  • Tech transfer services. You can find more here
  • Consultation in HPC, AI and HPDA technologies
  • Facilitation of industrial internships 

In this respect, EUROCC has created a HPC professionals’ hub, where all stakeholders (users and providers) can establish business relationships around their respective products and examine opportunities for putting into market mature technologies and ideas. Moreover, HPC, HPDA and AI Industry thematic events are organized in order to enhance collaboration and co-creation between the research, industrial and public sector communities, and also inform SMEs on access to resources and funding. 

EuroCC@Greece is supporting businesses through the following business facilitators:

The  PRAXI Network, an established technology transfer organization with long-standing experience in assisting SMEs and research organizations throughout Greece to achieve cross-border technological cooperation. PRAXI is a distinct administrative unit operating within the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH).

The  Lefkippos Tech Park, founded by the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSRDemokritos). Lefkippos offers business incubator and accelerator services that support innovative ideas within an academic collaborative environment from discovery to commercialization. Lefkippos Tech Park is housed within the Demokritos campus providing the guest companies with some unique research opportunities. 

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Technology Transfer Office (TTO), a mechanism that acts as the contact point between the academic community and the market. Τhe TTO offers services like; commercialization assessment of research results, business development support, preparation for access to finance (i.e. from competitions, angel investors, VCs), IPR management procedures as well as the creation of spin-off companies. The TTO applies an open door policy and networks with public, private institutions and enterprises to expand the valorization prospects of the research results of AUTH. The TTOAUTH promotes synergies between teaching, research and entrepreneurship, through awareness, counseling and business coaching and Technology Transfer Management (so far  75 Patents, 44 Licenses and 11 Spin-offs). 

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