Watch the recordings from the “HIAS Workshop on AI – AI Frontiers and Interfaces” which took place in Athens, Greece on July 6th, 2023, in the dedicated playlist here.
The workshop titled “HPC workflows for climate models” will provide training addressed to climate experts, while aiming to establish synergies between the eFlows4HPC and the climate community from the ESiWACE3 […]
In this interactive workshop taking place on Friday, September 22nd, co-organized by the European Digital Innovation Hub smartHEALTH and EuroCC@Greece, industry champion Dr. Lena Kanellou and Costas Karamanis from ICS Forth […]
CSC’s Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023 in Kajaani, Finland will form a must-attend event for companies interested in boosting their innovations with supercomputing.  The two-day program will be full of enlightening […]
The Inno4scale project will support the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking in achieving the efficient use of its supercomputing resources through the development of novel algorithms for applications on those resources. It […]
If you missed the ETP4HPC webinars on Emerging Technologies for European HPC, you can now replay them from their dedicated YouTube Webinar playlist.  Topics: Unconventional HPC architectures: component levelHPC architectures […]
The “HPC-AI Meetup: Data science and Computational Modelling for oceans cleanup from plastic debris”, on July 27th, aims to present the use of High Performance Computing at the Ocean Cleanup […]
GRNET – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology announced the fifteenth (15th) “Call for Proposals for Production Projects” for access to ARIS national High Performance Computing system ( Details about […]
The Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies (HIAS) successfully held a three-day course on universal Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications, at NCSR “Demokritos” Congress Centre in Athens, on July 3-5. […]
This four-day hybrid course (on-site in Warsaw and online) serves as a comprehensive introduction to the LUMI architecture and programming environment. It will include lessons on compiling and using software, […]
On Thursday, July 12, 2023, the European Digital Innovation Hub for Digital Governance GR digiGOV-innoHUB in collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Innovative Applications Companies (SEKEE), the Hellenic Emerging Technologies […]
CompBioMed announced its 31st e-seminar, titled “Assessing the Credibility of Computational Models: Application of the FDA-Endorsed ASME VV-40“. Date: July 26th, 2023 Time: 14:00 CEST Location: Online Computational models in […]
Archimedes Research Unit on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Algorithms is organising a “Workshop on Online Algorithms, Learning and Games”. Dates: July 12-14, 2023 Location: Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens. Purpose & audience: […]
NCSR Demokritos’ 58th Summer School took place on July 10 – 14, 2023.  EuroCC@Greece participated in the Summer School, with an introductory presentation by the NCC’s training champion Dr. Stelios […]
  The 11th official EuroCC@Greece HPC Newsletter is out, providing news regarding High Performance Computing (HPC), in Greece and all over Europe!   Get ready and excited for the upcoming […]
  The EuroHPC JU has signed hosting agreements with six sites across Europe to host & operate EuroHPC quantum computers. The six new EuroHPC quantum computers will be integrated into […]
  Europe’s second high-end exascale supercomputer has found its home: it will be hosted by the Très Grand Centre de Calcul of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission […]
The 3rd Hellenic Biocluster Forum, which took place on June 15-17, 2023, at the Megaron International Conference Center in Athens, featured the theme “Supporting disruptive innovation to maximize the economic […]
  FF4EuroHPC OC2 Workshop #4 and last workshop will present the various applications of HPC, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and HPDA in industry.   Date: June 23rd, 2023 Time: 09:00 […]
How familiar are you with all of EuroHPC Joint Undertaking’s supercomputers? Can you name them one by one? Lumi, Leonardo, Meluxina, Marenostrum5, Vega, Deucalion, Discoverer, Karolina. Learn about them in […]
The 1st volume of the webinar “Code of the Month” series provides an introduction to AVBP by Gabriel Staffelbach, with enough time for questions from the attendees. Date: June 28th, […]
A seminar on FPGAs for high-performance computing. FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) are a particular type of accelerator for performing computations. Date: June 21-22, 2023 Time:  9:30 – 17:30 CEST Location:  […]
The course “Energy Efficient Computing” will cover tools and technologies that allow a user/software-developer to understand their energy usage in terms of energy analysis of the software that is being […]
The first EuroCC2 Success Stories booklet is now available. Some of the successful experiments have been conducted usingEuroHPC Joint Undertaking supercomputers and each success story includes challenges, solutions, business impacts […]
EuroCC@Greece announces the HPC Workshop “Large Scale Scientific Computations”, by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), on July 11-14, 2023, at 10:00-16:00 PM (EET). The workshop aims to introduce […]
The “Fast and Powerful Machine Learning Tools in Engineering: Hands-On Applications”  Online Workshop by EuroCC@Greece in partnership with the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET), the National Technical University […]
Στις 12/5/2023 ολοκληρώθηκε με μεγάλη επιτυχία η ημερίδα με θέμα “Synergies for the future – AΙ in Public Services”. Η ημερίδα διοργανώθηκε από το Εθνικό Δίκτυο Υποδομών Τεχνολογίας και Έρευνας […]
FF4EuroHPC OC2 Workshop #2 will present the results of the 26 experiments with the benefits that organisations gained from implementing HPC, AI and other advanced technologies for business in various […]
The 9th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering will take place in Athens, Greece, on June 12-14. Read more & register here.
Online exaFOAM Workshop about the boundaries of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology using OpenFOAM. Date: June 12-13 Time: 13:00 – 18:00 CET Audience: Suitable for researchers, practitioners, and students from […]
As part of the EXCELLERAT P2 training programme, Fraunhofer SCAI in cooperation with HLRS offers a three-day workshop on data analytics for simulation data using machine learning on June 12-14, […]
The Workshop is co-organized by Intel and the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) for the German National Competence Centre for High-Performance Computing. The Workshop is an introduction to the modern Intel […]
EUmaster4HPC Alpine Summer School 2023 welcomes Master 1 and PhD students in mathematics, computer science or engineering schools specialized in HPC.  Topic: High Performance Computing and the environmentDates: July 16th […]
EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) organised its first Information Day for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) virtual event, on April 18th. Around 50 SMEs from the Horizon 2020 member and […]
EuroCC@Greece announced the “Data analytics in the era of large-scale machine learning” Training Event, organised in collaboration with EuroCC@Greece & EuroCC@Cyprus, on May 23-24, on-site at The Cyprus Institute premises. The event was […]
The 10th official EuroCC@Greece HPC Newsletter is out, providing news regarding High Performance Computing (HPC), in Greece and all over Europe! 
“Synergies for the future – AI in Public Services“ Workshop: GRdigiGOV-innoHUB project and the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) organise a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Public Services.  […]
ISC High Performance 2023 will connect public and industry sectors’ users and technology developers for an active collaborative exchange on High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Quantum Computing […]
The “Fast and Powerful Machine Learning Tools in Engineering: Hands-On Applications” Online Workshop, organised by EuroCC@Greece in partnership with the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET), the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the University of Pretoria (UP), was successfully […]
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment (SERRA) – Call for Papers: Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing Algorithms for Environmental Research and Risk Quantification.  Contributions involving Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing […]
AMD, in collaboration with CASTIEL-EuroCC, will be giving a workshop on developing HPC applications for AMD GPUs. Register, by April 24th
The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has launched its Extreme Scale Access Call to access its pre-exascale supercomputers, namely: LUMI, located in Finland, Leonardo, located in Italy […]
The course gives a practical introduction to deep learning and tools to train and apply deep neural networks in supercomputers.
The 9th official EuroCC@Greece HPC Newsletter is out, providing news regarding High Performance Computing (HPC), in Greece and all over Europe!  Do not miss out, next coming up: Introductory Seminar […]
EuroCC@Greece announces an Introductory “High Performance Computing (HPC) Technologies seminar & the "Aristotelis" infrastructure, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”. The Seminar is co-organised by EuroCC@Greece and the Information Technology Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).
GRNET, Amazon and Rackspace Technology co-organise an Info Day “GRNET & Amazon Web Services for the Greek Academic and Research Community“, on April 4th, 2023, at OTEAcademy, Athens-Gre
The Swedish EuroCC Hub for High-Performance Computing ( has recently prepared a step-by-step guide on how to apply for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers. Applying to EuroHPC JU can be […]
“The nUCLeus cloud HPC service: creating and replicating HPC coursework in the cloud” e-Seminar by CompBioMed on March 22nd, 2023.
RISC2 webinar: A roadmap to quantum computing integration into HPC infrastructures, on March 15th, 2023.
Spring School in Computational Chemistry 2023, on April 26-28 in Espoo, Finland. Jointly organised by CSC, EuroCC2 project and BioExcelCoE.
An annual event gathering key European HPC stakeholders from providers, to scientific and industrial users and policy makers.
Watch the recent recorded webinar of ENCCS on “Creative AI”
Success story #2: AI/ML Computer Vision for the Next Generation Poultry Farms
Success story #1: Multi-Head Additive Manufacturing with Optimal HPC Thermal Stabilization
How to run the Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package (VASP) efficiently on supercomputers
EuroCC@Greece has successfully hosted an artificial intelligence track at the 19th EMCIS, on 21- 22 December 2022.
The 8th official EuroCC@Greece HPC Newsletter is out, providing news regarding High Performance Computing (HPC), in Greece and all over Europe! 
Discover what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and what it can and cannot do with this free online course. Starting in February 2023: interactive webinars, including thematic study workshops and assuring […]
The first part will be dedicated to theory, and the second part will focus on hands-on challenges on GPU accelerators of the MeluXina supercomputer.
GRNET – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology announced the fourteenth (14th) “Call for Proposals for Production Projects”
You can now apply to study at the EUMaster4HPC, the first pan-European Master of Science (MSc) programme in High Performance Computing (HPC). Funded by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, the MSc […]
CompBioMed e-Seminar #29: Release the power of exascale using OpenMP - 18 January 2023
The “HPC Beginner Training Event” by EuroCC@Greece & EuroCC@Cyprus was successfully held on-site at The Cyprus Institute’ premises, on November 14-16. 33 attendees (out of which, 19 people participated in […]
“Understanding HPC” section is now added to the EuroCC@Greece website. In the new section you can find useful videos (created by EuroCC) that will help you familiarize yourself with High […]
PediDose exploited advanced Monte Carlo simulations, anthropomorphic computational phantoms, and Artificial Intelligence techniques to develop a simulated dosimetry database.  Benefits: Significant strengthening of value proposition for IKHs product Evorad® achieved.€1.25m […]
The Greek and North Macedonian National Competence Centers have twinned within the framework of HPC EuroCC project. The scope of the twinning activities was to exchange important and valuable experiences […]
The supercomputer LEONARDO, hosted by CINECA and jointly funded by EuroHPC JU and the  Italian Minister of University and Research, reached the 4th position on the latest release of the Top500 […]
The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) brings together industry professionals, business developers, researchers and policy-makers from all over Europe and other regions of the world to advance policy actions, […]
ETP4HPC published their SRA 5, the 5th edition of the Strategic Research Agenda.  The recommended roadmap for European HPC technology research was developed in partnership with 140 experts contributed by […]
The 7th official EuroCC@Greece HPC Newsletter is out, providing news regarding High Performance Computing (HPC), in Greece and all over Europe!  Find out how you can participate in the upcoming […]
EuroCC@Greece announces the “HPC Beginner Training Event” EuroCC@Greece & EuroCC@Cyprus, on November 14-16, on-site at The Cyprus Institute’ premises. The event will be available via Zoom for participants from Greece. […]
The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) launched a call to access its pre-exascale supercomputers. The call is targeting HPC applications with high-impact and high-gain innovative research from […]
EuroCC@Greece participated at the Science Festival (ASF) on 21-23 October 2022 at Technopolis City of Athens with a booth.  Hundreds of students and their teachers attended and learned how HPC works and […]
Efficient materials modelling on HPC with Quantum Espresso, Yambo and BigDFT,
Developing Applications with the AMD ROCm Ecosystem
NCC Luxembourg published on Youtube their collection of HPC webinars
In the context of the International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) in Brno, Czechia, EuroHPC Joint Undertaking will be holding a side event on October 19th, at 09:00 CEST presenting […]
The new Quantum systems will enable scientific discoveries & new opportunities for industrial innovations. Learn more here. 
Accelerated Machine Learning with Intel AI Software Tools