The EUMaster4HPC Moodle Platform is available for students and teachers interested in exploring and engaging with its dynamic offerings. Designed to be a hub of learning, collaboration, and opportunity, the portal features resources including MOOCs, activities, events, internships, and PhD opportunities tailored specifically for both students and teachers.


To access these resources, you can register and log in through theEUMaster4HPC Master Website. Navigate to the “Teaching Materials” tab located in the top menu and complete the registration form. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email to finalise your registration.


While the portal is primarily for registered users, guests can also access its materials by using the password “EUMaster4HPC”.


Should you require any assistance or wish to explore the functionalities of the platform further, you can reach out to EUMaster4HPC’s dedicated portal administrator, Ayad Babaa, at