Are you interested in numerical wave simulations but feel like there are too many codes and methods out there and don’t know which option is right for you? Or perhaps you just want to refresh your knowledge and gain some practical experience with the different possibilities? Either way, this fully virtual workshop is for you!

Gain access to introductory hands-on tutorials for ExaHyPESalvusSeisSol, and SPECFEM3D, which are four different high-performance computational seismology software packages focused on waveform modeling and inversion. The workshop provides you with an overview of their similarities, differences, and areas of applicability. Unique and in-depth half-day practicals are provided for each package, with computational resources provided by HLRS.

This training event was hosted by ChEESE, the Center of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth and supported by the ENERXICO project on 21-23 October 2020. All the course videos are now available online.

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