EuroCC@Greece has successfully hosted an artificial intelligence track at the 19th European Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems, on 21- 22 December 2022.

The conference was hosted online, is co-organized by the University of Manchester. The track attracted five full length papers, that will be published on Information Systems Springer Proceedings

This Track aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners working on artificial intelligence. We welcome research articles, conceptual articles, case studies, and psitin papers that tackle interesting aspects of AI with a diverse range of theoretical lenses and methodologies. The conference invites manuscripts including, but not limited to, the flowing topics:

  • Mathematical frameworks currently used in AI (ANN architectures, tree-based methods, polynomial regressing models)
  • Handling real-world data with unknown, skewed, distributions
  • Hyperparameter tuning algorithms
  • Clustering and multidimensional scaling
  • Machine Learning for Predictive Modeling with Tabular Datasets
  • Computer Vision and understanding
  • Text Analysis and Models for Natural Language Processing
  • Theoretical foundations and Computational Complexity of AI algorithms
  • Industrial and Research Applications f Machine Learning
  • AI and IT