The EuroCC@Greece HPC Workshop: “Large Scale Scientific Computations”, has been completed with great success. The workshop was held on July 5-8 2022, on-site at the PC-Lab, at the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and was attended by a total of 20 participants (postgraduate students and PhD candidates) dealing with scientific computations requiring processing speed and significant memory space. The attendees were from academic institutions (National Technical University of Athens, University of Ioannina), research centers (National Hellenic Research Foundation) and private companies (Naval DME – Engineering Company).

The workshop introduced participants to large-scale computations using parallel programming via training with hands-on examples. Special emphasis was given to code parallelization, capable of utilizing clusters. 

The main topics of the Workshop focused on:

the SPMD (Single Program Multiple Data) parallel programming model and how it is implemented using the communication protocol MPI (Message Passing Interface), the operation and architecture of GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) as well as their use for large-scale computing through the parallel computing platform CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) and the parallel programming with OpenMP which enables serial programs to be parallelized using compiler directives.

On the last day, 13 participants successfully completed at least one parallel implementation of the final exercise (iterative solution of a linear system), more specifically: 6 participants completed the MPI implementation, 2 participants the CUDA implementation and 3 participants the OpenMP implementation.  Moreover, 1 participant completed both the MPI and OpenMP implementations and 1 participant completed all implementations (MPI, CUDA and OpenMP).