FF4EuroHPC is a European initiative that helps facilitate access to all high-performance computing-related technologies for SMEs and thus increases the innovation potential of European industry. Whether it is running high-resolution simulations, doing large-scale data analyses, or incorporating AI applications into SMEs´ workflows, FF4EuroHPC connects business with cutting-edge technologies.

FF4EuroHPC has launched its 1st call. Key call details are:  

Submission Deadline: 27th January 2021, at 17:00 Brussels local time
Expected duration of experiments: maximum 15 months with expected commencement 1st June 2021
Funding for Call-1: The indicative total funding budget is € 3 M.
Maximum funding request per proposal: € 200,000 (covering all participants)

The call targets the highest quality experiments involving innovative, agile SMEs and with work plans built around innovation targets arising from the use of advanced HPC services. Proposals are sought that address business challenges from European SMEs from varied application domains, but preference being given to engineering and manufacturing, or sectors able to demonstrate fast economic growth or particular economic impact for Europe.

Priority will be given to consortia centred on SMEs that are new to the use of advanced HPC services; in particular, a prior involvement in the Fortissimo or Fortissimo 2 projects would require the innovation aspects for the proposed experiment to be clearly justified, the same applies for activities already funded through other programs.