The international conference in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) – EuroCC / CASTIEL “Uniting Competences for a Stronger Europe” within the framework of the EuroCC project – National Competence Centers took place from 6-9 September 2022 in hotel Mediteran in Becici, Budva.

The conference gathered over 200 experts from 33 member countries of EuroHPC JU – Joint Undertaking for European High Performance Computing within the Horizon2020 program. The conference was open to the public on September 8th and 9th and covered topics from the field of HPC technologies and related disciplines such as high performance data analysis (HPDA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, parallel programming, computer simulations and much more.

The conference was open to the public on September 8th at 13:00 with a livestream provided on the official website of the project EuroCC: day 1, and day 2. The opening speech was given by dr. Ing Bastian Koller, the Deputy Director of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, who gave a public presentation of EuroCC & CASTIEL. During the conference, emphasis was placed on advanced e-infrastructure, the key component of which is precisely High Performance Computing (HPC), which contributes to the development of modern science and is key to much advanced research. Participants had the chance to learn more about the importance of National Competence Centers across Europe, but also participated in panels: HPC+ in academia, public administration, best practices and the future of the NCCs. In addition to the above, within panels HPC4SME2 and SMEs and HPC+ (Selected FF4EuroHPC Success Stories) during the conference project success stories and user cases were presented, aiming at the highest quality experiments of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe, including the use of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, HPC and others.

Based on feedback received from the conference attending NCCs, they found the meet up very useful, in particular:

  • 66% of NCCs found new twinning, workshop, or mentoring opportunities
  • 78 % of NCCs started over 140 new collaborations 
  • 93% of NCCs met 6 or more other NCCs for the first time

The full Agenda available here

HPC Experts and the general public, interested in participating in the part of the conference open to the public, registered and participated at

From the EuroCC@Greece NCC three task leaders (Stelios Karozis Training Task Leader from Demokritos, Lena Kanellou Industry Task Leader from ICS Forth and Artemis Psarianou from GRNET, Communications Task Leader) participated in hands-on sessions and attended the conference contributing with their expertise in all relevant sessions.

There was a group presentation in which all Greek NCC members participated and it was presented to the audience by Artemis Psarianou, GRNET Head of Marketing and Communications, and Task Leader and Communications Champion for: “Diversity in Education” which was also promoted at the EuroCC@Greece social media channels: 

Artemis Psarianou from EuroCC@Greece and GRNET, during the session “NCC Diversity of EUROCCME22” presented the group assignment activity of the 3 key practices that need to be implemented by European countries in order to introduce Diversity in Education:

  • Training: Train the Trainers, Train Parents and Educators and Teachers. Run public campaigns on Career Orientation for all professions for all genders from early ages
  • Education Industry changes: Promote flexible training programs and Flexible working environments
  • Introducing competencies diversity at all levels in Education from toys to career orientation centers

EuroCC@Greece actively promoted the event through social media posts in both its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, while at the conference.

You may find the Video capturing attendance ratings here and here.

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Watch the video livestream of the conference here