EuroCC@Greece, by ICS-FORTH and PRAXI Network

Time10:00 EEST
Duration45 minutes most
AudienceConsultants of the EEN
Welcome and IntroductionA. Bilas, ICS-FORTH5’
Overview and goal of EuroCC HPC Infrastructures: Overview of Greece and EuropeI. Hatzakis, GRNET20’
The role of HPC technologies todayP. Papadimitroulas, BIOEMTECH15’
Q&A SessionAll panelists5’(up to 10’)

Presentations Description

Welcome and Introduction. A welcome to the event and review of the aim of the agenda: Raising awareness about HPC so that it can be considered an option for consultation clients.

Overview and goals of EuroCC. An introduction to the EuroCC project, goals and context.  The particular case of Greece: sectors suitable for HPC. Examples of academic use. What are the resources available in the Greek NCC. Present pool of experts, training material data base, marketplace, tools directory. Financing opportunities, see also: announcements on EuroCC@Greece’ s website.

HPC infrastructures: Overview of Greece and Europe: An overview of the capabilities of available HPC systems in Greece and Europe: speed-up, capacity, etc. High-level technical characteristics. Where they are located, affiliation, who to contact. Where commercial access is possible. How to collaborate with academia. 

The role of HPC technologies today. Benefits that HPC technologies have to offer and sectors they can be applied to. Use cases. Presentation of an industrial success story.