NVIDIA would like to let you know about their hackathons and bootcamps that are virtual and free of charge. Below is the list of events (GPU Hackathons and Bootcamps) for this year + a link to their landing pages.

Bootcamps cover technology topics such as HPC, HPC+AI, AI, data science. Every event has a max participants cap but all are free and for the time being still all virtual.

BSC Hackathon : https://gpuhackathons.org/event/cscs-gpu-hackathon-2021

ENCCS Hackathon : https://gpuhackathons.org/event/enccs-gpu-hackathon-2021

CentraleSupelec, ENS Paris-Saclay & NVIDIA AI For Science Bootcamp : https://gpuhackathons.org/event/centralesupelec-ens-paris-saclay-nvidia-ai-science-bootcamp

EPFL OpenACC Bootcamp : https://gpuhackathons.org/event/epfl-openacc-bootcamp

MCIT & NVIDIA AI For Science Bootcamp :https://gpuhackathons.org/event/mcit-nvidia-ai-science-bootcamp

Interactive HPC-DK AI For Science GPU Bootcamp :https://gpuhackathons.org/event/interactive-hpc-dk-ai-science-gpu-bootcamp

MPCDF N-Ways To GPU Programming Bootcamp :https://gpuhackathons.org/event/mpcdf-n-ways-gpu-programming-bootcamp